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Helpful Lawn Maintenance Tips Provided

Keeping your lawn lush and beautiful can be an easy task. Regardless of the size of your yard, maintaining green grass should be your main priority. But lawn maintenance doesn’t have to be a chore. The process of making your lawn look greener can be accomplished in these steps:

  • Test your soil nutrients regularly. Doing these tests will give you an insight of what elements must be added to make your garden fresher. “Feeding” the soil properly will help you grow vegetation that stays in bloom for a long time. Offering sufficient nutrients guarantees greener grass.

  • Water around the same time every day. Choosing a time of the day without too much heat to irrigate your lawn is a great idea. The best time is early in the morning. The majority of the water will stay in the soil and won’t evaporate for a while.

  • Mix one cup of Ammonia and one cup of Epsom Saults into a five-gallon pail of water. If you spray over that mixture, your grass will really become greener.

  • Mow your grass periodically. During the hot summer, you need to trim your lawn often as it grows swiftly, this is an essential part of adequate lawn maintenance. Make sure you to keep the right height. Plus, never mow wet grass.

  • Add mulch in the summer. It has so many benefits. But most of all this method has been used by professional landscapers to deal with weeds and pests successfully.

  • Aerate your garden. Aeration is required usually in the spring time. You make small holes in the soil allowing air and nutrients to reach the roots of your vegetation.

  • Bottom line. Maintaining a green and fresh yard is mostly a matter of enthusiasm but also hard work and skill. Consulting with a professional contractor is always recommended.


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