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The Science of Lawn Maintenance

CAS Lawn Landscapes has been perfecting the art of lawn maintenance since 2001. Gaining that experience has earned us the right to be one of the leaders of the lawn care industry in Chantilly, VA. Here is a list of reasons why we have earned the respect of our competitors:


Lawn maintenanceSoil Test – We understand that the foundation for a good lawn is a good soil. So it is not hard to imagine that the main cause of your garden problems lies with your soil. With this report, we can determine the soil’s ability to grow plants. It also helps us figure out how much lime or fertilizer is needed. Applying too much lime can cause the pH level to rise. This will bring about the decrease of iron, manganese, boron, copper, and zinc in the soil. We can also design a fertilizer and watering schedule with this. When taking a soil sample, we would use a soil probe, spade, trowel or shovel. But we stay away from brass and bronze because they will contaminate the minerals already in the soil. Other than that, we would not be using buckets that were used for fertilizing the garden.


Planting – Once we have taken care of your soil, we will move to our second step. But this does not mean that we will immediately plant grasses and shrubs. We would have to do some aeration. Doing this correctly would mean that the water, air, and other nutrients reach the roots of the grass and plants. It can also boost the growth of your plants and grasses. Once your garden is properly aerated, we can start spreading the seed.
CAS Lawn Landscapes has been taking care of gardens in Chantilly, VA. Just like the other front runners, we have made lawn care into a science. So if your garden needs some tender loving care, you should immediately call us at (703) 454-0577.


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