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Professional lawn maintenance and irrigation service

Are you searching for a professional to help you with your irrigation service needs?

You do not have to look far because CAS Lawn Landscapes is one of the leading sprinkler system contractors in Chantilly, VA. Homemakers in the areas of who only want the best often come to us for our excellent lawn treatment services. Then they would recommend our services to their like-minded friends. If you are wondering how we earned their respect, you should continue reading this article.


Lawn Irrigation Service

Lawn MaintenanceWe offer this service because we highly believe that a healthy garden is the foundation of any successful landscaping project. A healthy garden on its own already has its perks because it is naturally pleasing to the eyes. It is also safe to assume that your property’s market value is continuously on the rise because of your healthy garden.


So our first step in this kind of project would be to conduct a soil test. This may seem to be an unnecessary process, but it is quite important because the results that we gather from the soil test will help us determine how to proceed with this endeavor. We would be able to see the soil composition by doing a soil test, so we would know what type of fertilizer to use for your garden and what type of plants would thrive in it. Lastly, we would be able to design a fertilization and watering schedule using the soil test results.



lawn maintenanceOnce we are assured that you have a healthy garden, we can proceed to this task. To ensure that the project is a success, we would ask you what the main purpose of your yard is. Other than that, we would also inquire about the features that you want for your lawn. Your answers to these questions will help us create a detailed landscaping design.


So if you are looking for ways to enhance your garden’s visual appeal, as well as boost your property’s market value, you should immediately consult CAS Lawn Landscapes. We will be more than happy to take great care of your garden. We can ensure that you and your loved ones will enjoy a very beautiful lush lawn for most parts of the year. So what are you waiting for? You should call us now at (703) 454-0577.



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